About earth leakage

About earth leakage

Living in a technically advanced society, everyone can benefit by using a system to detect earth leakage.

The earth leakage system from Megacon continuously monitores and with great accuracy indicates the leakage in each electrical group. It is also effective help for the preventive maintenance.

As soon as earth leakage is detected an alarm goes off. The level of alarms and warnings can be set as low as you desire to minimize the risk of damage. The system also shows in what part of the facility the earth leakage has occured so that you can attend to it quickly and safely.


The supervision of earth leakage problems is a condition for operating preventive maintenance work of 5 wire systems in industrial applications. To detect the beginning of weakening isolation and attending the problem during a planned operating hold-up may save immense sums of money.


The working environment is affected by the quality of electrical networks. A well-functioning 5 wire system minimizes magnetic fields from the electrical network as well as computer interruptions that are caused by un-clean electrical environment. Supervising earth leakage and solving problems are basic conditions for maintaining well-functioning electrical networks.


Within the medical industry problems may occur if a conventional residual current device (RCD) discharges. Megacon has products for local indications of earth leakage where one or more groups can be monitored, i.e. in a treatment room or in the ICU. Please read more about installations in hospital environments here:

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