It's simple – this is how it works

The MultiLog system fits all types of housing cooperatives, large or small! We can offer you the best solution for your facility to get in control of the energy consumption.

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This is how it works, step by step:

Initially every member has their own electricity meter. The cooperative comes to a decision to install a clever energy system from Megacon. Each member's electricity contract is cancelled and electricity to the lowest price is purchased collectively. The size of the main fuse is adjusted and from now on the property only has one electricity contract.

The system is installed and put into operation.

Every member is able to see its own consumption hour by hour through the web.

The meter values are sent to the property manager who invoices the electricity cost on each membership fee. Everyone pays for their own consumtion. Nothing more, nothing less!

The system is simple and fair.

It is also possible to measure hot and cold water, heating and gas if it is wished for.