Is it time to review the energy costs for your housing cooperative?

Clever energy monitoring for the housing cooperative of the future

The Megacon MultiLog system is used for collecting energy consumption data, i.e. in housing cooperatives. The system provides control of the energy consumption, for the building as well as indivudually for each tenant. The investment is calculated to pay off in two to five years. Each and every tenant will then only pay for its own actual consumption.

The MultiLog system is web-based which gives each individual tenant the possibility to overview its consumption of electricity, hot and cold water, heating or gas on an hourly basis.

Extreme levels of consumption can be discovered instantly, which means that the housing cooperative can save both energy and money.

It's simple! - this is how it works →

Save energy
To be able to lower the energy costs for the housing cooperative, it is essential to know when, where and how the energy to use. With this knowledge it is easier to put in energy saving measures exactly where needed.

Save money
The housing cooperative will only have one energy contract which is divided between the tenants.

Each and everyone only pays for their actual consumption of electricity, hot water, heating or gas.

Upon moving, the costs are easily distributed in the system.

Declaration of Energy (Energideklaration)
The MultiLog simplifies the completion of Declaration of Energy. The system delivers exact information of the consumption of i.e. the elevator or the hallway lighting.

The housing cooperative can discover extreme levels of consumption, with the possibility to attend to it at an early stage.